We take the deepest satisfaction in providing the hard-working individuals of southern Wisconsin and northern Illinois with a smarter way to heal from disc, spine, nerve, and muscle related injuries, pain, and ailments. By combining state of the art chiropractic treatments, advanced medical technology, and a comprehensive rehabilitation program, we offer a solution that's painless and powerful.

Welcome to Spinal Rehabilitation Center

where your pain finally meets it's match.

Where your pain finally meets its match.

why heal with us?






Over the last 7 years, we have helped hundreds of Spinal Rehabilitation Center patients relinquish the need for pain medications and surgeries, and finally achieve lasting healing from severe disc and spine related injuries, neuropathy, chronic migraines, and many more debilitating conditions.

You already know that there are other options out there, but do you know that not a one is proven to have higher success rates, fewer risks, and less side effects than our multi-disciplinary approach?

We'll let you in on our secret to success: At Spinal Rehabilitation Center, we don't heal your body. We enable and prompt your body to heal itself. To do anything less is to simply cover up the symptoms and delay an unfavorable outcome. 

Patients that are accepted into our care experience relief where there once was pain, freedom of movement where there once were limits, expression of health where there once was illness, and hope where there once was none. 

Spinal Rehabilitation Center is the Smarter Way to Heal


What to Expect

9/10 patients notice a change in as little as 3 treatments

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At your consultation, we'll decide together if Spinal Rehabilitation Center is right for you. 

After a thorough examination and professional imaging, we make an official diagnosis.

 Your individualized treatment plan is designed to treat your pain at the source, and provide lasting relief.

You've taken your life back, avoided medications and surgeries. You're "shocked" you feel this good. 

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Domingo parada

Always have had some type of back issues, but ever since I've been here, its been easy to do my normal day to day activities.
I would strongly encourage anyone with back issues to give them a try. Dr Mike is very professional, kind and helps alleviate any issues I may have. Thank you all for being so wonderful!

Fantastic staff, always kind, friendly and helpful every time I'm in. 

frank roman

The doctor took my call on a Friday afternoon and realizing the severity my situation, got me in for my evaluation and first treatment on Saturday. I appreciated the non-surgical approach and various therapy techniques they employed, especially spinal decompression. I'm back to being active, and am pleased to provide an overwhelmingly positive recommendation for their practice: Dr. Mike, Dr. Margo, Karina, Brit and crew. Thank you, thank you!

I was in terrible pain - couldn't sit, stand, or even sleep for weeks.

isabelle ovalle

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I would highly recommend this place to anyone. Dr. Mike and the rest of the staff are very friendly and well informed.

 I have been seeing them since August and have greatly seen an improvement in my back pain.