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Treatment plans include a mixture of state of the art chiropractic treatments, advanced medical technology, and a comprehensive rehabilitation program. Our multidisciplinary approach is an aggressive effort to get you feeling as well as possible in the short-term while correcting your problem for the long-term. We take into account your lifestyle, your job and your unique condition to create a plan specifically for you. 

Diagnosis is the first step to treating your condition at its source. After a 1 on 1 consultation, a thorough examination, and professional imaging, we present to you the report of findings (diagnosis). We take our time to educate you on your diagnosis and answer any questions you may have. We want to equip you to make an informed and empowered decision.

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A month ago
I was in terrible pain - couldn't sit, stand, or even sleep for weeks. The doctor took my call on a Friday afternoon and realizing the severity my situation, got me in for my evaluation and first treatment on Saturday. I appreciated the non-surgical approach and various therapy techniques they employed, especially spinal decompression. I'm back to being active, and am pleased to provide an overwhelmingly positive recommendation for their practice: Dr. Mike, Dr. Margo, Karina, Brit and crew. Thank you, thank you!

Fantastic staff, always kind, friendly and helpful every time I'm in. Always have had some type of back issues, but ever since I've been here, its been easy to do my normal day to day activities. I would strongly encourage anyone with back issues to give them a try. Dr Mike is very professional, kind and helps alleviate any issues I may have. Thank you all for being so wonderful!

- frank roman

- domingo Parada

no pain too great, no ache too small.

- RObert peska

"I have been having severe lower back pain for what seemed like forever. It effected every aspect of my life, sleep , work and driving. I was miserable. I saw my doctor and other chiropractors. Nothing seemed to help. I found Spinal Rehabilitation Center and what a relief. I signed up for the 24 visits and feel like a new man. I had forgotten what it was like to sleep without waking up whenever I moved. Everyone who took care of me are great. If you have any doubts you need to give Spinal Rehabilitation Center a try... Thanks to everyone."

Yes. Not only are our methods proven, they boast a staggering success rate, have no risks, no side effects, no recovery period, and are completely painless. This is why our approach has a reputation for being the smarter way to heal. Sometimes, medication and surgery are unavoidable. But, they should be a last resort, not a go-to option. Click here to learn more about our treatment stats.

are your treatment methods proven?

The majority of our patients notice a positive difference within the first few treatments. Some patients notice an improvement after their very first treatment, while others may attend treatment for 3 weeks before feeling the benefits. As our methods encourage the body to heal itself, more severe cases can typically expect more frequent care or longer duration of treatment plan to achieve complete and lasting healing.

how long before i see results?

Not at all. In fact, our Spinal Decompression Therapy is so relaxing that we often hear snoring coming from the table. Our treatments range from painless to soothing. To learn more about our treatments and what they feel like, click here.

do your treatmentS hurt?

At Spinal Rehabilitation Center, we accept most insurance plans, including Medicare. We also accept workers compensation and personal injury cases. Because there are so many insurance plans out there, and because coverage varies widely, please call us to find out if your plan covers care in our office. Before you start treatment, our staff would be happy to verify your benefits and explain them to you at no charge. We also offer in-house credit card and payment plan options.

what forms of payment and insurance do you accept?

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